Natural pools

A natural swimming pool, specifically designed for you to swim in pure, clear water, without the use of chemicals.

Natural pools are popular in many countries including USA, Britain and NZ.  PoolPainters is now pleased to introduce them to Australia.  So, if you have an existing swimming pool that is need of repair or updating consider a natural pool. We can build a second non-swimming area next to your existing pool. The new landscaped water feature will be used to filter the pool water by use of pebbles, natural water cleansing methods and attractive water purifying plants – we create a sustainable chemical-free ecosystem.   A low energy water pump ensures that your existing swimming pool now has constant clean, pure water without the use of expensive and potentially harmful chemicals.

At this section of the website we will be posting links to various companies overseas so you can see the huge range of styles and sizes of natural pools.  The photograph opposite is from a UK company  –

If you would like further information contact us today and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities to convert your existing swimming pool into a natural pool.

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