POOLPAINTERS® offers a full range of pool painting services for both Residential and Commercial pools. We have the experience to deliver a beautiful finish every time.  Our pool painting and renovation service uses only the best materials to deliver to the highest customer standards.

POOLPAINTERS® uses the premium quality Australian pool paint brand, LUXAPOOL®.  Epoxy pool coatings are excellent for all new swimming pool applications and can be used to give a luxury finish to older pools. The Epoxy coating is well suited to application over old and new cement render, fibreglass, marble sheen, pebblecrete and previously painted epoxies. Epoxy pool coatings provide a smooth and hard surface which is very easy to maintain, and results in a durable finish with improved resistance to chalking, resistance to the effects of salt-water and chlorinated chemicals, and is algae controlled.  LUXAPOOL’s other coating, Chlorinated Rubber, has been formulated for use over old or new concrete based swimming pools and is often used for Council pools and Ocean pools. POOLPAINTERS® will recommend the correct coating for your pool.



Polyaspartic coatings and sealers are chemistry developed ant patented by Bayer Material Science LLC.  Polyaspartic is a high-performance resin used to make two-component light stable coatings with many outstanding properties.  Unlike some sealers or other coatings, polyaspartics cure by the cross-linking of the two components, not by temperature or humidity.  As a result, they can be applied across a wide range of temperature and weather conditions and are very low-odour compared to other coating materials.  Also polyaspartics are not sensitive to alkalinity, a positive benefit when maintaining your pool.

Polyaspartics do tend to have a high price though per litre compared to other products.  In an attempt to bring that price down, some manufacturers may reduce solids content or add plasticizers or other less expensive ingredients.  One common failure of poorly blended polyaspartics is a delamination over time.  “As a contractor we want a good reliable product.” Poolpainters sources and utilizes advanced chemistry and top-quality product to ensure a hard, durable surface with a superior finish for your pool.

Overall, polyaspartic is easier for surface preparation and provides an excellent combination of both waterp[roof and exterior decoration.  Polyaspartic provides great colours (Pacific Blue, Mid Blue or White) and superior UV stabililty.


Choosing the right coating for your pool is important.  The right choice could mean added useful life and less maintenance for your pool.  The wrong one might lay the groundwork for untimely and costly failures.


Relatively new on the industrial coatings scene is polyaspartic technology, a hybrid coating similar to polyurethanes.  Innovations in the tehcnoplogy have made these coatings a more versatile option compared to epoxy.  Polyaspartic coawatings are commonly applied in two coats over epoxy primer.   Polyaspartics deliver several benefits over epoxy too.  Their UV stability prevents yellowing and material degradation.  They delivery high abrasion resistance, so they wear well and retain their gloss in high traffic pools.  They also resist staings, acid and chemicals, making them a good choice for a pool environment.


Epoxy coating systems offer two layers of protection over a surface.  This performs well in heavy industry settings because they’re more tightly cross-linked and less permeable, offering good substrate protection, increased chemical resistance and greater hardness.  Due to these qualities, concrete substrates protected by epoxy stands up well to use and abuse.  Epoxy is well suited by interior spaces with controlled environments.


POOLPAINTERS® know how to renovate a pool to make it look fantastic. No matter what the state of your pool, we can bring it to life and make it sparkle. We follow a detailed process in ensuring this happens:

  • Pool is completely emptied
  • Surfaces are blasted with ultra-high pressure water hoses
  • Pool substrate is checked for damage and surface preparation is done
  • Coatings are applied during optimal temperature and weather conditions
  • A number of coats are applied at the correct time intervals


Pool colours can appear very different depending upon the weather, the sky, the time of day, the water and pool lighting – so you need to choose carefully when selecting the right colour for your pool.  Choose from 25 designer colours below.  Click on the colour for the name.

Regency White
Regency White
Emerald Green
Pond Green
Brook Green (CR)
Aquamist (CR)
White (CR)
Pacific Blue (CR)
Adriatic (CR)
Misty Blue
Mid Blue
Slate* (CR)
Deep Ocean*
Black (CR)

For information about having your pool painted, phone POOLPAINTERS® on PH 02 9999 1199 or complete our GET A QUOTE form