Contact PoolPainters for Fibre Glass Pool Refurbishing in Sydney

Perhaps you inherited a pool when you moved into your home, or maybe you had a pool installed many years ago. Can you remember what that pool looked like when it was brand new? The chances are, since you first installed it, the passage of time has weathered your pool somewhat, and now it doesn’t look it’s best. Grab yourself a photo of your pool when it was new and compare it to what you can see now. You’re probably in for a shock! Paintwork, concrete and fibre glass will have taken its toll over the years, so perhaps you should think about treating your pool to a makeover.

At PoolPainters we have 37 years of experience in carrying out pool painting and fibre glass pool makeovers in Sydney, and we are looking forward to talking to you about your pool so we can rejuvenate it, and by doing so, assist you to enjoy your pool again.

Let us Rejuvenate your Pool, whether it be Fibreglass, Concrete or Pebble.

If you have a fibre glass pool in Sydney, refurbishing can become essential after a few years. The Australian climate can play havoc with any pool, and because the temperatures are suitable for swimming all year round, most pools in the NSW area get a lot of use. Therefore, here at PoolPainters, we recommend the first thing to do is have us take a look at your tired-looking pool for an initial inspection and assessment. We will give you a no-obligation fixed price quote and explain how long it will take. The decision is then up to you.

First impressions are important, so you’ll notice that during the initial assessment and throughout the process, our staff will be courteous and polite. After all, you are the customer, and our business focuses on delivering a high-quality service. We follow this work-ethic through the entire process of working with you, from the assessment right through to executing the work and providing aftercare where required.

Years of Industry Experience in Fibre Glass Pool Refurbishing for Sydney Residents

PoolPainters is a licensed business, as well as members of both the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) and the Master Painters Association (MPA). These qualifications mean we have all the necessary skills to perform professional work on your pool. Also, all of our workers have many years of experience in fibre glass pool renovations, retiling, blasting, and cleaning. We can also offer a comprehensive range of services in addition to these, including paving, replacing pool filters, installing underwater lighting and installing pool cleaners. It’s no wonder that we have an enormous reputation in the industry.

Allow us to breathe new life into your pool by permitting us to carry out your pool maintenance. As the premier swimming pool painters in Sydney, we can assure you we will make your pool look fabulous again. Head over to our contact us page to make an enquiry or call us today on 02 9999 1199 for more details.

Fibre Glass Pool Refurbishing: Makeovers and Renovations for Your NSW Pool

If you have a fibre glass pool that needs refurbishing in NSW, you know how much work it can be. The steps involved are numerous and complex, which means that you will want to hire a professional to make sure the job gets done correctly. There’s no such thing as do-it-yourself pool maintenance when it comes to fibre glass. The materials are too tricky, and the risks are just too high. But who can you call for quality service when you need fibre glass pool renovations in NSW?

If you haven’t already heard of PoolPainters, allow us to make your acquaintance. We’re a local NSW company that has been in operation for a whopping 36 years, and we stay in business because our clients regularly recommend us through word of mouth. If you’re looking for fibre glass pool makeovers in NSW, you’ll want to contact us right away. Here’s a quick overview of what we do:

What Happens: The Process of Fibre Glass Pool Renovations in NSW

The first thing we do for a pool renovation is pump out the water. Already, this requires tools that the average person doesn’t carry around the house. Then there’s the process of blasting and removing old tiles, and replacing them with hy-poxy, fibre glass or new tiles. This process can be time-consuming, and even dangerous if you don’t use the right equipment. Fortunately, PoolPainters has been in business for over three decades, so we have the proper tools for the job and the experience to do it without making any mistakes.

We’ll also replace old equipment in your pool, such as underwater lighting or old filters. We know that you don’t want to pay somebody to do the basic minimum when it comes to fixing up your pool. You want it to look brand new again. Well, with PoolPainters it can. We don’t just stop at beautifying the fibre glass or tile in your pool. We make sure every single part of the entire apparatus is functioning at peak capacity again before we leave a job site.

Customer Service You Can Count On

PoolPainters is committed to excellent customer service as well as providing high quality work. That’s why we offer free, no-obligation quotes when you call us about working on your pool. Also, if you have any issues with the work we do, we’ll come back and assess it completely free of charge. Taking care of our customers’ needs is how we’ve managed to prosper in this industry, developing a highly positive reputation in the NSW community. Most of our work comes to us from word of mouth and recommendations—that’s how much people like our service.

If you’re looking for a company that will do your fibre glass pool makeovers in NSW and leave your pool looking as new as the day you had it put in, you don’t need to look any further than PoolPainters. We give you and your pool our complete attention so that you can enjoy a clean and beautiful pool for many years to come.