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Epoxy Resin


Concrete swimming pools can be successfully re surfaced with Epoxy Resin.

However there are certain phenomena associated with all Epoxy coatings, awareness of these will assist in understanding Epoxy swimming pool coatings.

Chalking is a natural weathering process of any Epoxy coating, Chalking is apparent as a fine powdery deposit on the paint surface, intensity of chalking is dependent upon pool water chemistry stability, water type, light intensity and overall stability of the water conditions to which the Epoxy coating is subjected.Chalking is accelerated by a deposition of soluble salts from the water onto the coating surface and by unstable pool water chemistry, high chlorine levels also affect chalking.

Regular brushing, followed by at least 8 hours filtration, will minimize chalking levels and maintain the coating in good condition.

This information is typical of Epoxy resin coating manufacturers, locally and internationally,

PoolPainters have used Epoxy coatings from various manufacturers in the past, and have found the quality and consistency varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, also variations of quality within a single manufacture. We recommend and always use epoxy products from Colormaker Industries