Pool Makeovers, Renovations and Refurbishing in Sydney

Having a swimming pool installed is one of life’s dreams for many people in Sydney. The freedom of having your own space which you can use to exercise is one the most natural ways known to man and is truly satisfying. No longer do you have to put up with lane congestion at your local pool, or pay and commute every time you fancy a swim. Another benefit is making the most of the great Sydney and Australian weather. There is no better feeling than cooling off in a nice cool body of water whenever you like!

One of the downsides of owning a pool is the cost involved in running one. It can get quite expensive in labour and material costs to keep your pool in a condition in which you want to swim in it. This need for maintenance inevitably leads to swimming pools being neglected and ending up in need of repair.

At PoolPainters, we know how to perform a skilled swimming pool renovation and provide a range of pool makeovers in Sydney and further afield. If your swimming pool looks tired, we can give it a new lease of life so you can enjoy and use it regularly.

Pool Renovations Sydney

We have been doing swimming pool renovations in Sydney for over 35 years and have done enough pool refurbishing to last anyone several lifetimes! We take pride in our work and believe that this is one of the core reasons that we have gone from strength to strength over the years.

There are many other reasons that our customers are happy with our services. For starters, we provide many different types of pool makeovers and servicing to ensure that what you receive is right for your pool. For instance, we can provide a pool inspection and assessment to see what it is your pool needs—with this service; we will only give you the right advice to keep your pool in top shape.

We have various ways of pool renovation depending on what design of pool you have. We can resurface and repaint most types of tiled pool and can also resurface fibreglass style pools too. If the surrounds of your swimming area are looking worse for wear, we also provide pool makeovers for the surrounds of your pool such as re-tiling and paving.

Customer Service is Our Priority

We haven’t lasted this long in the industry by not listening to our clients. We know that you value a professional service personalised to your needs, which is why we place such high value on giving tailored advice to meet your specific requirements.

We take care of all of the work for you, including pumping out the water, pool refurbishing using top end technology, as well as taking care of any ancillary pool equipment such as renewing filters.

If you have a swimming pool and have any questions regarding pool refurbishing in Sydney, our staff would be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Professional Pool Makeovers, Refurbishing and Renovations Throughout NSW

Keeping fit is one of the latest health trends to be rising in popularity in NSW and many parts of Australia at the moment. There is a good reason for this—the medical benefits of even moderate exercise several times per week are well established. Another advantage of keeping yourself in shape is the increase in wellbeing that comes with it, working out is said to be a natural mood booster that can also increase your confidence too.

One of the ways many people in NSW choose to exercise is by swimming. Fitness experts well know that swimming works out a lot of your muscles throughout your body and is also a lot easier on your joints than other types of exercise. As a result, more people than ever have their own swimming pool so that they can take advantage of the health benefits of swimming whenever they choose.

It is important that your swimming pool is kept in excellent condition so that it is an inviting place for you to go. You want to be sure you aren’t put off by a swimming pool that is looking tired and in need of some attention. At PoolPainters, we offer a broad range of services to keep your pool looking as good as new, such as pool makeovers, pool refurbishing and pool renovations in NSW.

Pool Refurbishing NSW

Over the years, is it inevitable that your swimming pool will lose some of the charms it had when you first installed it. We have 36 years of experience in pool renovations so we can assure you that we can take care of your pool no matter what the style or shape.

To demonstrate our commitment to customer service, we have recently introduced a state of the art UV technology which sanitises your pool, killing 99% of bacteria found in most pools. This technology allows you to reduce chlorine levels and have a better swimming experience, particularly if you find that your eyes become sore when you swim.

We have perfected our pool refurbishing service over the years with a view to offering a range of services to meet the requirements of our diverse range of customers. We can provide more straightforward pool makeovers in NSW, such as painting and tiling, and even offer to resurface modern fibreglass pools for those who have them.

Over Three Decades of Experience

With such a long history in pool renovations, we know our swimming pools inside and out—quite literally. To expand into the company that we are today, we have always focussed on putting our customer’s needs at the forefront of our values, and this is why we are always looking for new technology and methods to improve our pool makeovers even more.

If you are thinking of having pool refurbishing in NSW, we believe that we have the knowledge to get it right first time. If you are not happy with what we do, or there are any issues, we will return free of charge to inspect and remediate any problems you may have.